Dig deeper

Years ago I adopted the belief that we are a product of our way of thinking. I know some would argue this philosophy, but it’s not a new concept or made up by me. There are several resources one could look up, if one felt so compelled, but I am not aiming to convince anyone of what I have come to realize for myself. We all have our own set of beliefs and will base our conclusion on such things.

However, I want to delve deeper into my understanding of what I feel to be a true reflection of who I am, and why I am the way I am. Albeit, some life-circumstances and events are beyond my control, and play a tremendous part in the shaping of my thoughts and mentality about myself and my surroundings. But ultimately, aren’t I responsible for how i allow those experiences to infiltrate my pattern of thinking? At some point, my past is no longer a valid excuse for the choices I make on a daily basis.

Negative influences most likely produce negative actions and negative results thereof. And if that be the case, then one may also say positive influences have the capability of producing positive actions and positive results. It may not be an exact science and work out that way without fail, but there is such a thing as mind over and the power of pursuation.

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