The Chase and Wait

The Chase 
I understand the thrill of it,I think. Though I guess that understanding is through a skewed perspective, because I’m not really one who chases. But I can appreciate the thrill of it. The mindset, or perhaps the goal that is set forth with an all-out determination to achieve. Maybe that’s the whole point of the Chase; to prove to oneself that a prize can be obtained through diligence and effort. In that regard, maybe I have been one who has chased after things–things I want or believe I need. And yes, getting what I wanted was rewarding. So again, I suppose that’s the point. But that is about the only common trait I have with those who are addicted to the chase…
Some don’t necessarily care about keeping what they have worked so hard to get. They just want the gratification of knowing they can get it. And once they do, they are off and fixed on the next prize. 
I have to imagine that at some point it would become tiring, and eventually lonely. But then, I can also attest to how tiring and lonesome being the one who waits can be. Which, I suppose is more my style: To wait. 
The Wait
Though it sounds like a virtue; and maybe it is to some extent, but most times it just feels like a shaken bottle filled with anticipation–it’s mostly contained, but after awhile the pressures of waiting build, and soon thereafter, the guts of that so-called virtue has spewed all over the place. 
I’m not sure why they say “the best things come to those who wait.” Especially when all that really comes to my mind is ketchup. And ketchup is ketchup. Perhaps not all ketchup is created equally, but at the end of the day, it’s just rotten tomatoes and salt, right? Right. And after waiting for what seems like an eternity, does that dollop of realization taste like disappointment?  
I guess the real question is this: what is worth the chase, and what is worth the wait? Because, while each method may be very different; there is the same possible outcome of being blindsided with the reward of an ungrateful attitude of thinking there may be something better. 
Something I will think about for a little while, I think. 

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